December 29, 2009

Fight Back Fight - Ode to Ruchika

when protectors become the aggressors,
when time becomes crime,
when life runs out and outruns itself,
when hope dies and death is the only hope,
when love cries and cries my love,
when pain lives and lives in pain,
when a tear is shed and shreds fear,

it's time to fight back and back the fight.

December 21, 2009

Eve's Teasing

It was the year's biggest blockbuster releasing and the hype attached to it made sure the crowds came in huge numbers.The queue was long,and the crowd impatient,a couple of girls were sandwiched in a largely male crowd. Needless to say they were feeling uncomfortable with all the pushing going on. It did not help when some of the authorities started flexing their muscles to get the situation under control. More pushing ensued.

Joseph was also standing in the same queue and getting equally frustrated with the proceedings, so much so that he even thought of leaving the queue, but decided against it. There were just about 10 odd people in front of them, including the two ladies couple of feet ahead.When the jostling got worse, he went up to the ladies in front of him, and said " excuse me, If you want I can buy the tickets for you, and you can stand outside this queue". Before he could feel that he did a good job for the day, one of the ladies yelled at him to go away and gave him a dirty stare,as if he was some sort of a pervert.Joseph was totally stunned.

After the ordeal was over Joseph was driving down back to a local mall,while he was turning his car to enter the mall,he saw an elderly lady and a young girl were crossing the road without looking.He gently braked and got his car to halt - the passing ladies looked at the car and stopped as well, being the gentleman Joseph,he gestured with his hand to indicate it was ok for them to cross the road, and silently said "please carry on". The old got absolutely furious at this.She misinterpreted the gesture to be something rude and yelled back at him.Even the little girl frowned at him and crossed the road with a huff.Joseph could hear them cursing him faintly as they crossed by.Joseph was speechless.Whatever happened to chivalry?

Dejected Joseph went home and slept in the afternoon out of sheer disgust.He shrugged it off convincing himself that it was just ignorance on their part.A promising evening lay ahead of hi. In the evening he had to meet his date and wanted to make sure he didn't carry any of his morning's disappointment .So he took a shower,changed into fresh clothes,put on some YSL M7 and drove out to meet his friend..who was not yet in the girlfriend status, but today could just be the day.

As he parked his vehicle outside the hostel compound,he felt a bit nervous.After all they had recently met and this was the first time he was entering a girls hostel.But Rupali had promised him, that she would be at the gate waiting for him.

She wasn't.

Gathering his courage ,Joseph stepped inside the big gate on to a narrow path leading to the main building entrance.There were girls.Lots of them.Looking at him, measuring him from head to toe,he could feel the ogles and faint snickers as he walked slowly past each block.He didnt know whether to look up or down, look relaxed or tensed, he was getting really nervous now.He decided to walk a little faster.

As he approached the steps leading up to the waiting hall, he saw a bunch of hostel mates sitting on either side, each commenting on the other or cracking jokes.Somewhere he heard a girl talk about the virgin walk,somewhere he heard cackles of Romeo jokes,and somewhere plain noises.
Well not plain noises, they were pretty suggestive noises.This made him feel really uncomfortable.Joseph was not the effeminate sorts by any stretch of imagination, but he was't the bravest one in alien situations either.He muttered under his breath - "be a man" he said quietly and walked up.

One of the ladies on his left was clearing her throat.Obviously trying to get his attention.So he looked up to the condescending lady and gave her a stern look with a polite smile,radiating poise and confidence.Before he could take a step further,from a distant blur he saw a lady walk up to him and stand bang in front.

"May I help you with anything ?" said the condescending woman with a subtle sense of seduction.As he looked up,he saw an Angelina Jolie reincarnate - he was stunned.His mouth went dry.He didn't know whether to smile or ignore.Time stood still.He somehow managed to say some words vaguely,with some blurry eyes, and his heart beating fast...By the time his blurry eyes came back to focus,he saw the angelic face had turned devilish, absolutely red with anger. By the time his senses came back ,there was a loud noise and a heat sensation on his left cheek.He remembered what he said - "err uhh umm mm I ..I want to come inside.." and before he could correct himself, his face got plastered with a tight slap.The echo was loud and everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at them and just then Rupali walked in...

image courtesy :glamourindia/Twinkle

December 13, 2009

The Reporting Incident.

It was a Monday morning, forecast calls showed up in a bright red circle in Sachin's diary.It was the same routine every week, view, review,question and fire.Many quarters ago he had just for once let his defenses down after posting smashing results,and shared with Ananth," you know when the old gramophone sounds like K.L Sehgal while it actually played Lata , you know it s time to give the gramophone a keying up.You needed some keying up, and see the results - you are the MVP-most valuable player across the department today Ananth."blurted a half drunk Sachin.

Ananth , a typical middle class south Indian boy, his eyes would defy the sharpness of his mind.People often mistook him to be an artist.His middle class life mean't he would spend the better part of his day travelling on a public transport.Somewhere in his eyes,there was a hidden american dream lurking in some corner..."someday ,I 'll get there" he sighed as he prepared his sales forecast for the quarter.

Sachin,was very well networked,being a local in the city for generations, it seemed almost everyone knew him,wherever he went.A keen eye on the business and strong networking always helped him clinch deals even from the most stubborn customers.A very sharp tongue and an ego to boot,his other side was evident only when his team missed their numbers.
On one such Q4, being the end of the fiscal, and numbers not coming in there was reason to get worried.Sachin was furious as some of the other team members had missed their forecast.He was counting on Ananth to get him home.He had worked very closely with him to get the CraftTech deal.Now it was showtime. Ananth had to close and collect the deal.

The clock was ticking faster than usual.Sachin was back at office, and organizing his final deals.When he last checked his watch it was 7PM.Most customer offices would now be closed.But no sign of Ananth.Sachin was beginning to get impatient.Ananth had to report to him the moment CraftTech signed the deal.He didn't...yet.
Another hour of agonizing wait goes by no sign of Ananth Ved or as his cellphone address book would say AV.He was desperate to see AV calling.But that was not to be.Sachin finally broke the code he'd set for himself, and the team, never to call while on a customer visit.

His cell phone showed AV dialling….dialling….dialling…voice mail. “you’ve reached the right number at the wrong time, so please leave a message and your number, I will call you back.Anant.” Beep. Sachin had completely lost his patience by then.” What the hell do you think you are? VP or the owner? Why haven’t you reported back to me? Call me back NOW” growled an irate Sachin and banged the table while disconnecting the phone.

Sachin reopened his eyes to see te HR manager looking at him with a surprised look.”is everything ok Mr.Bhandarkar?....err Sachin is there anything wrong with the contract?””we have made sure all your clauses have been taken care of, in fact I had to get special approval from our senior management in the US.” Said the HR manager with a sense of big accomplishment.
With trembling hands and a choked throat, he signed the offer letter,which made him the new Director for Business Development, co –signed by Ananth Ved, SVP CraftTech Inc. USA.

December 12, 2009

What a Mind

What a mind is this ?
is ignorance really bliss?
something is amiss,
most thoughts I dismiss,

What a mind is that ?
sometimes crooked sometimes flat?
wants to be thin but is fat,
oh what a brat ,

Where is your mind ?
going forward and then rewind?
stay focused or spread your wings,
life s like that...and a few other things..!

December 7, 2009

All In A Days Work

It was 6 o clock in the evening,12 candles lit in front of her empty eyes,a faint smile,some tears,and some bruises, they'd all had come to attend Jenny's birthday.

Some were new friends and some were with her ever since she could remember.But something inside told her that today was going to be different. 6 AM tomorrow, she would travel to the big city of dreams.Jenny's father who seldom got up from his drunken stupor had a fresh look on his face today.There was hope in his eyes.He had made all the arrangements,"she would be well taken care of" he thought,"besides she had no future here in this small town" he said to himself silently.

Jenny was getting dressed up for the evening, and had packed her bags for tomorrows journey.Deep inside, she knew it would be some time before she would come back.She took a long hard look at her corner in that one room house.She left nothing behind, certainly not her memories.

Jenny's father borrowed some more money,and bought a new bottle tonight,his last night of responsibility.He would be a free man from tomorrow,and perhaps rich too.Jenny's sale would fetch him 5000 bucks.!He had worked so hard for this deal, all in a hard days work finally paying off.

Suddenly,Jenny's out of focus eyes,and shaking body both came back to reality.
"Here's your 500 bucks" the man said gingerly...and then got up and left Jenny with her old friends..empty eyes,a faint smile,some tears,and some bruises and some new ones like the 24 candles...all in a day's or rather night's work.

The window rolls down,
A pair of eyes frown,
muffled voices drown,
seems from out of town.

Walking by the road side,
some tease and some chide,
I no longer try to hide,
move on,brush them aside.

It's been a tough night,
no sign of money tonight,
must get back for another shift,
this time I'll take the lift.

I am fighting for a living,
But i die everyday,
I hope this is my last outing,
I don't want to be a prey,
my fate is not be a destitute,
someday I will not be
this roadside prostitute...

Walk of life !

Since one of the teacher's had called in sick so Tobu and his friend were sitting and enjoying the sunlight after so many cold winter mornings....but their joy was short lived.

"What are you doing" ? asked an irate Mr.Thomas ."Hmm just killing time Mr.Thomas" quipped Tobu. "Why don't you go kill yourself" shot back Mr.Thomas with a raised hand.Scared Tobu and his friend scampered away before they got hit.What made his fear last longer than usual was the fact that Mr.Thomas was also his evening tuition teacher.Tobu went to take special classes to catch up because he had joined mid -year after his father's transfer.

The seconds ticked faster than usual as Tobu looked at the old grandpa clock.The minutes seem to be running really fast, and by the time Tobu came back to his senses the clock showed 7.10PM. The noise of the seconds ticking were deafening in an otherwise noisy household.He was late.To be at Mr.Thomas' residence at 7.30PM he needed to be out by 7PM.Being new to the area didn't help either.

Tobu decided to cut across the cemetery diagonally to reach Mr. Thomas's residence quicker.The short-cut would save him some time.It was a dark and chilly December night.The mercury had dipped below normal which led to very few people being outdoors.The full moon showed brightly up in the sky and Tobu took a deep breath and walked in through the iron gates of the cemetery.He clutched his books tightly and walked briskly with his head down.the wind chill was biting his ears.

Suddenly he heard a voice.He froze for a moment.Trying not to anticipate the worst, but he had to look up.the moon showed brightly on his grammy's face.she stood there with an extended hand.Tobu's heart was racing and the goosebumps were going crazy on his arms.The moment of silence was as if time had stood still.Before he realized what he was doing, he saw himself reaching out to grammy's outstretched hands.

As he walked , he felt he was gliding, the thorns didn't hurt below, the mud never splashed, the stones never hurt.He could literally feel her hand pulling him through the road,he was shivering now...but kept going as if in a trance.As they reached near the exit gate of the cemetery at the other end, Grammy looked back and seemed to be saying "take care" and she vanished into the darkness ahead of the lone surviving lamp post.Tobu was in a state of complete stupor.He ran like he never had before,his heart beat now so loud that he could hear every beat pound his head.

"Ting tong" rang the door bell at Mr.Thomas' residence.The grumpy old man opened the door and was taken aback seeing Tobu in that harried state.He gave Tobu some water as he welcomed him inside, a side which Tobu had not seen before. " why are you here Tobu?" asked Mr Thomas with a genuinely worried look.A confused Tobu gulped the water and blurted "tuition sir." He couldn't understand why Mr.Thomas looked so exasperated. After all he'd made it in time - it was 7.30Pm on the dot.

Mr.Thomas asked Tobu his residence telephone number."Hello this is Mr.Thomas Tobu's teacher, can I talk to Tobu's father please." he said in tone of urgency.
"yes Mr.Thomas - is Tobu with you?" asked a worried Tobu's father."don't worry he's safe." answered Mr.Thomas in a reassuring tone." I will make sure he stays here in the night." Tobu looked up suddenly and couldn't believe his ears. The phone hung up before he could muster the courage to speak up.

Mr.Thomas came and sat beside him and said "Tobu you shouldn't have done that, you cant take risks like that".Tobu was puzzled, how did Mr.Thomas know he came through the cemetery.? He had just left his home and his family knew where he was going, so why were they worried?What was going on here? The last 30 minutes had been surreal, so many things happened he was completely in a state of shock. Mr.Thomas said,"why did you run across the cemetery, you could have hurt yourself.Times are not good. The road across the cemetery is being repaired,but the potholes are dangerous." As Tobu was about to say " but but Mr.Thomas I didn't run acrossss"- he got interrupted -" relax young man,now that you are safe here, I will ask Mrs. Thomas to make some food for you and you can sleep in the guest room tonight, tomorrow morning you can go home."Tobu was blank...but he nodded without questioning.

6.30AM the next day.As the newspaper man threw the rolled up newspaper it hit the guest room window and fell in the balcony.Tobu woke up with a start.It was a cold,foggy winter morning,he rubbed his eyes, temporarily forgetting what he d been through the previous night, and opened the balcony door slowly.
A cold wind gushed past his face and as he looked down, he saw the news paper lying near his feet.He picked the newspaper up gingerly and opened to read the headlines.

The eyes were still blurry, usual stuff he glanced, politics,sports, murders, crime etcetera..till his eyes came across a peculiar photograph on the lower end on the right side of the second page. "cemetery under attack - 3 criminals hiding in the local cemetery were killed in a police encounter around 7.20PM yesterday night - local authorities had cordoned off the place at a short notice following a tip off. the police successfully nabbed one culprit alive hiding near the exit gate - the double murder mystery is now solved. "

December 3, 2009


They were soft,tenderly caressing,following the curves,gently stopping then moving,sometimes diving right inside.The moment was electric,waves of passion ran through my body,I wanted it to stop,but the urge was overflowing,the intensity high,the imagination wild,possibilities multiplied in my face looked flushed,I slowly opened my eyes & it was the camera lens caressing my face..and heard "cut it".

December 1, 2009

Carpe Diem

If Albert Einstein just thought about the theory and never wrote it down,or never tried or tested or spoke about it...he would be a nobody today.take a pause and think about it.

Somebody else would have done that discovery or invention and history books would have been written differently.We all have these fleeting thoughts cross our minds every now and then, but we ignore them.We dismiss them off casually.We think they re not important till we see someone else take a similar thought and score big time.There s no point claiming later by then there would be 300 "me-too's" already ahead of you and the world would obviously not care two hoots.

Early days of internet we had a plethora of search engines, Altavista,Metacrawler,dogpile,Lycos,Goto etc etc. Being extremely kicked about this new thing called internet,I went into an overdrive to search information and was fascinated every time I queried and got thousands of results. More information meant more hyperlinks on the home much so that the whole page looked like an absolute mess, cluttered with hundreds of links and advertisements galore.

It is then I thought wouldn't it be nice to have one clean page without all this clutter? Maybe an interactive person, like a receptionist, where you can ask a question and get lots of answers.It would be cool to just have the search bar and nothing else.But I shrugged it off.

Almost a year and half later,I typed

It is then I realized never to give up on your instincts.Back yourself.Believe in yourself,it is wise not over-estimate,but certainly foolish to under-estimate yourself.The world will always provide enough reasons to forget and shrug it off,but you have to persist and win. If you don't seize that will become someone's moment...and later your lament.

November 27, 2009

26 mixed feelings...

Mixed are the emotions that arise,
Mixed are the arguments that rise.
Mixed are the thoughts that summarize
Mixed are the lives that survive..

Mixed are the pains that remain,
Mixed are the hearts that drain,
Mixed are the blessings that people get,
Mixed are the redemption's that await.

Mixed are the roads that some take,
Mixed are the stops that some make,
Mixed are the forks that coincide,
Mixed are the paths that decide,

Mixed are the beliefs that question
Mixed are the question that notion
Mixed are the answers that define,
Mixed are the fates that fight the crime.

Mixed are the innocents that reside,
Mixed are the residents that hide
Mixed are the races that help
Mixed are the faces that whelp.

Mixed are the loved ones that remain
Mixed are the corpses that lay strewn
Mixed are the tears that dry
Mixed are the fears that cry

Mixed are the dates that bring terror
but same is the blood that spills,now and forever...

November 23, 2009

Page 3 Bites.

Candle light vigils,we the people debates
be it religion or politics of the states,
rocking parties are a heady mixture,
add to that a dash of "parda-faash" culture,
breaking news television,
shake it with some wardrobe malfunction
some drunken party brawls
or window shopping in the malls,
they re everywhere, from twitter to emails,
cheers to our Page 3 cocky-tails.

Some look Serious,some delirious,
sometimes whacky and
sometimes downright tacky,
in your face or plain disgrace,
our P3 are all over the place.

Blowing kisses in the air,
wearing a dress-rare,
they flip flop around,
make an annoying sound,
or give an expert comment instead,
understanding of which is limited,

the rape of a nation,
best discussed over a cocktail concoction,
snacks served on terrorism bites,
end the evening with a DJ night.

Bitch about the local nymphet,
or simply blow their own trumpet.
if nothing else catch a reporter,
go to the bar to discuss manslaughter,
or just buy him a drink
get the damn photograph clicked.

Self invite or gate crash,
depends on how much cash,
stuff you show
let other people know.

Mahesh Bhatt always has a story to tell,
Padamsee's eyebrows swell,
Shobhaa turns 20 on every beach
Suhel sticks on like a leech.

Oh my Simi's plight,
Dah-ling can only dress in white,
Malaya's flashy gold ear- rings,
the in-thing are his F1 flings,
back home Bidappa just swings,
trying to get into the bull ring.

oh there are so many more
i am sure,
somebody please tell them,
intellectual innocence is tolerated seldom,
please stop commenting,
spare us the lamenting,
content matters,and you only know packaging,
so please let the real experts do the talking.

November 20, 2009

Time in a bottle

If I could save time in a bottle,
the first thing that Id like to do,
is to save everyday, till eternity passes away
just to spend them with you,

if i could make days last forever, if words could make wishes come true,
i d save every day like a treasure, and then again spend them with you...
If I had a box just for wishes, and dreams that had never come true,
the box would be empty except for the memories of how they were answered by you...

If I could make teardrops turn to dew,
i would empty my heart and pour it for you,
to walk on and leave footprints new,
for me to find those memories of you.

If I had eternity sway by my side,
love that would never have cried,
and youth being always true,
I would give it all away
just to have one last look at you...

The song "Time in a bottle" is song written and sung by the late Jim Croce just before he died in a plane crash. Listening to the song is absorbing, to say the least. It kind of sucks you in.Powerful lyrics and lilting melody.One my all time favorites. As a tribute, in my my own small and humble way...I penned a few lines in the last two verses.

I have no false notion of my poetic ability,or the lack of it, so it doesn't warrant a comment.But I feel a sense of gratitude for such compositions. I don't know how else to explain the intensity behind it.I think I am privileged to be able to appreciate these compositions,creations and know that magic can actually be written ! i often wonder if it is possible to write something so passionate without actually experiencing any or part of it. Is it just a mix of good words,creative writing or are they penning their pain in their prose? How difficult could that be? The answer to that is try writing something about some experience for which you have no benchmark or no reference point.

In other words, a truly original post.I think most of us are adept at "bettering" what is dished out.Improvising,refurbishing or for that matter restructuring content. Thus it makes me appreciate these artists much more when I think of their past and their thought process, their pain and their expressions.How one man's words can become someone's emotion, and someone s emotion can just become someone's words....

November 14, 2009


"I have been in and out of the country more than you can imagine… so I know".

The statement hung in the air for some time, before an out of focus pair of blank eyes, came back to reality. Colonel Gupta, now 57, looked like 75,stopped himself from a sharp retort.

Just like he had done for the last 24 years.

A well travelled officer, a decorated officer, meticulous and extremely proud of his country.Col. Gupta was well respected by his peers and seniors .He commanded a huge respect right from the Jawan on the front to the Field Marshall. He had fought wars leading from the front and won medals of honor, and was in the process of becoming the youngest Brigadier in the country.

The telephone call concluded, and he sat back with a sigh...he'd just been offered a role as a defense attaché in Amsterdam. He had to make a choice - decide between serving the nation or the corporation. It was a difficult one.

He took up the job with one of the big MNC's in town shutting his memories and burying aspirations of becoming the next Defense Attaché. Sacrifice had called him again.

How else was he going to fund for that foreign degree that Arun wanted? How else would Arun ever get out of the mediocrity of it all.? ‘Besides a foreign degree would reduce competition for him’.

How else was he to support his only son, whom he loved more than his own life.Col.Gupta thought a little more about Arun, and gulped the lump in his throat, sitting alone with two of his best friends, the couch and loneliness.

Crossing over to the corporate from the military was tougher that he imagined. Over time, he numbed his feelings and adjusted to this new corporate life. The only connection he had with his past were - two ice cubes, water and whiskey ! He would sit quietly in a corner of the dimly lit living room and stare into the empty skies and relive his glorious past. Since his wife had passed away a few years ago, longer if you count mentally and physically, he had become a man of few words ,a stark contrast from where his words would inspire scores of soldiers to go out and lay down their lives for their country or their next best choice - their beloved commander. His savings and health both deteriorated as his wife's medical bills and his son's education fees kept mounting. Yet he had fought on, like a true soldier - never to give up.

Today, his son Arun was home after an assignment in Amsterdam for a prestigious IT company.Conversations were largely limited, mostly close ended or mono syllabic.

Arun was eating when Col.Gupta inquired

‘did you get to eat properly in Amsterdam?’

‘did you get proper accommodation- after all they asked you to leave at such a short notice?’

After a long pause...which seemed like an eternity - Arun’s responded with a modern ‘yeps’?

‘It must've been very cold, did you buy some warm clothes?’ asked a concerned father.

‘Yeps’ was the response again.

‘Did you bring back the muffler I had given you?’Col.Gupta eagerly continued as his face lit up…

‘It is the one I wore when we were facing the enemy in the moun...’

‘ufff Stop this nostalgic stuff Paa’ interrupted a visibly agitated Arun.

‘I've been in and out of the country more than you can imagine, or have ever done, besides how would you know what it is like in Amsterdam - so relax, I know to handle things ’ and Arun left the table,a whiskey glass, and his fathers heart ...empty.

Gyanban Thoughts- We have often come across stories of sacrificing mothers, however sacrificing fathers largely go unnoticed. This is a tribute to them....and mind you...all stories are not fiction. This is about the fathers who have sacrificed their entire lives for their families and yet go unrecognized in their efforts – after all that is a man’s job to work and earn isn’t it? No one realizes the price one has to pay to make this happen. The sacrifice one has to do to make this happen.

So the next time, your old man wants to spend some time with you, discussing his glorious past, give him some time…give him some patience…someday you too will need it in big time.

November 10, 2009

Show me the way or take me away..

How do you keep on going ,
when you don't see the light ahead,
how do you keep on living,
when an innocent tear is shed.

How do you keep on smiling,
when your heart is bleeding,
How do you keep on being positive,
when peace has taken a sedative.

How do you not give up,
when things are not looking up,
how do you keep fighting,
when your life is approaching the evening.

If there is one above,
this is the time to show your love,
keep the spirit on a roll,
or take out the burning soul.
show me the way,
or take me away...

November 5, 2009

936 words

It is a regular Wednesday evening, workday was as usual,the rocking motion of the bus quite usual, the weather usual .6 people start their journey back home.Their middle-class lives did not permit them to have a private means of transport.Over the years some of them really didn't mind it.

Bijoy,an enterprising young man, a misfit with his sitting -on-the-rock-smoking friends,had packed his bags on his uncles confidence in him,and came to the dream city to make it big.His job in a startup was not a high paying one,and as the bus neared the railway station he thought "beggars are not choosers".

Harnam hated the fact that his father wanted him to take over the Tyre dealership.He wanted to sing.Sing to the world and hypnotize,mesmerize them with his golden voice.Tomorrow would be his big day afterall he was shortlisted earlier today for the next round of auditions in a reality show on TV. Maybe this was it.One more round and he would be on live shows...he slipped into a make believe world as the train approached the final destination.

Aalia was rather reluctant to wear the hijab,not that her parents insisted,but thought it would be more appropriate in the society they lived in.She was secretly doubling up as a junior artiste to break free from the endless middle-class mentality.She needed that one break alongside a top heroine,maybe as her sister if she was lucky.Her rickshaw jerked to stop and so did her thoughts about tomorrow.Ronald was waiting just at the right spot.A struggling assistant director, quiet boy from the same colony as Aaliya,they’d bumped into each other in a studio a few weeks back...Since then,they shared their dreams, pains & fantasies of how they’d make it out of their hell hole into the big world of glitz and glamour.They'd found hope.

Anahita had just broken off with her boyfriend & the first thing that came to her mind was Vodka Martini..her faithful old companion,who stood by her always.The ambience of the bar added to her nostalgia. As she remembered the previous 3 occasions.But her real dream was to be high up in the skies.Being an Air hostess would mean an end to her boring mundane regular life.

Tahir had joined a progressive political party earlier in the day.Representing the minority in true spirit,not war mongering, no unnecessary drama, no bias.He had found a mentor and was happy he could now contribute to the country he had benefited from all these years.He was walking past a popular bar,barely able hide his grin and excitement about his new found sense of direction.He couldn't wait to reach home and share it with his father,who had sacrificed his leg in the line of duty for his country.And then it happened.

Bijoy looked up at the big round clock - 9.33PM, the fast local would arrive in about 3 mins.The wait seemed long and tiring as he realised he would be exactly at the same location in less than 15 hours.Feeling thirsty he went to a nearby juice stall.The train was rolling to a slow stop,as Harnam alighted from the running train.The station was packed and crowd ready to barge in like a tidal wave.On his way out he bumped into a man drinking juice nearby.It spilled on to him, surprisingly both did not react.They looked into each other’s eyes,something quite inexplicable connected them.They were about to find out.

Chivalry was expensive for Ronald.But he payed the rickshaw fare for Aaliya inspite of her protests.They headed to platform 1.The train taking them back to their hell –hole had but a 2 hour of peace in between.It was their dream –run. Aaliya said “let us check our fortune today.”The one rupee coin went in the clunky weight reading machine,and out came a ticket which read 57kgs to her delight.Below it- the future prediction – This is your time.Live every moment,tomorrow will bring a new perspective.Aaliya crossed her fingers and gave a small tug at Ronalds hand showing him the ticket.

Anahita still felt low even after a couple of drinks.She decided to go back home..but just as she was about to get up the bartender offered his regular customer one on the house..She thought one more drink and I’ll go back home,sleep it off, and tomorrow will be a new day. This will not be so difficult.Hang in there.! Little did she know what a few minutes could do to her future. Finishing her drink she started to walk out of the door,she saw a young man walking with a strange look in his eyes,talking to himself.Their eyes met,and her heart skipped a beat immediately...Anahita was transfixed at Tahir as the moonlight fell on his face.Something told her he is the man.This is it.

Just then two men,who were waiting in the dark watching, alighted from the parked taxi.Tahir turned his head to see guns in their hands,his instinct made him jump in front of Anahita to push her away.They opened fire.The explosion of bullets into her beautiful starry eyes preceded her fall to the ground.Tahir’s blood spurted on Anahita’s forehead when another bullet pierced his temple.

Aaliya and Ronald heard gunshots and people started panicking.It was chaos.Her heart beating fast ,mind confused, made it difficult to decide which way to go.Ronald screamed at her to shake her up from her stupor."Run"he said pointing towards the waiting train compartment.The bullets chased them from behind.Aaliya collapsed near a juice stall before reaching the safety of the compartment.Bijoy was shot in the back, Harnam’s body was punctured, he lay there still,did not react at the sight of blood and a dead woman in his arms..Ronald fell down seeing the big clock strike 9.36PM.

On 26/11 B. H. A. R. A.T. had died.

Gyanban thoughts - this post is dedicated to the departed...

it is a request to them...
to stop this mayhem...
what will you gain...
with so many lives lost in vain...
don't redefine the creator...
make Him look like a destroyer...
He is there for you and me...
If only you would see...
He would not have wanted this...
Flowing blood can never get bliss...
You too are loved by Him...
Open your eyes and close your whim...
Stop yourself from another sin...

November 2, 2009


Everything you touch turns to gold,
my heart bleeds and no one to hold,
Everything you do is a miracle,
my work is such a struggle,
Everywhere you go you are revered,
my life has no one bothered,
Everything you say is measured,
my voices are unheard.
Ever thought of lending an ear,
my life won't be in such a despair,
Ever thought of granting a wish,
my needs are genuine not a fetish
Ever thought of coming down to Earth?
you could be surprised of your worth.
Ever thought of being stuck in a traffic?
my computer could show you the gory graphic.
Ever thought of paying rent?
my pocket can't even afford a tent.
Ever worried of getting fat?
my tummy swells just like that.
Such is my life o dear God
show me the way or take me aboard.

October 28, 2009

For 55 Seconds.

A sense of exhilaration engulfed him. He thought this is it .I am done. I am free now, free from all the shackles free from the hell I was in.. I can breathe now. Suddenly he looked around to see the spike had flattened. He would never drink anymore, because he never lived anymore.

October 26, 2009

...and that's why i didn't marry Drew Barrymore...

I could've been an astronaut but for the pilot
I could've been a pilot but for the scientist
I could've been a scientist but for the doctor
I could've been a doctor but for the actor,
I could've been an actor but for the executive,
I could've been an executive but for the legislative,
I could've been in the legislative but for the banker,
I could've been a banker but for the love of my life,
I could only be the wishful thinker.

How I would love to drive a BMW 7 series fully loaded automatic transmission,full metal black,GPS navigation, Bluetooth phone console,cruise control,0-100 in 6.5 seconds.. And that's exactly the the time I take to wake up from my dream and get back to reality.!The distance from wishful thinking to dreams to reality is very very steep....or deep as the case maybe.

If wishful thinking is the origin of ambition and "drive"...then reality check is the origin of heart-break.Wishful thinking and ambition are separated by a thin line.
We all love to wish but very few of us really spend time on how to execute that thought.Dreams are colorful while plans are black and white."Get-real" .
As we have grown over the years we have heard you can do whatever you want,just try harder,work harder and you ll see the results.

People spend so much time being what they're not.I don't think you can become what you are not - in a way you are making it even more difficult for you and your environment.Rather focus on what you are and maximize.Maximize till you reach the top,till you beat the competition around you.Some call this wishful thinking!
Chasing your dreams,your thoughts your point of view or your talent requires self correction.Learn to believe in yourself.Otherwise you run the risk of limiting your potential to be the best.

Loose the fear of failure. Think about this for a moment. Loose the fear of failure. Don't be fearful of the fact that people will ridicule you if you don't succeed.People will always talk,even if you are inside your house for 7 days or out for 7 days ! It is ok to make a mistake,it is ok to take a risk,it is ok to not follow the popular point of's ok as long as it is not a rebel without a cause.It is ok if you have carefully evaluated your risks,it is ok if you find an alternative.

Choosing the right ambition is mission critical for you to succeed in life materialistically.Spending more time on determining what's the right path for you could be the best decision of your life....and that's why I didn't marry Drew Barrymore...

October 22, 2009

the Accident Incident.


The doctor came out of the operation room.Everyone got up with their hearts beating fast.
After a small pause, which seemed like a 100 years, the doctor looked up and said "Tobu is out of danger now.Though I must say it is a pretty bizzare way to have an accident.He has a fractured hip bone, his left wrist is cracked and he has a gash on his back, it will take some time for all this to heal.You have to be patient" the doctor said without batting an eyelid.

Six hours earlier.

It's 9.00 am in the morning and young Tobu is preparing for his first job interview.Going through some technical documents and some research material he'd prepared.In an illustrious family of scholars,young Tobu was going out to make an impression today.As far back as his great grandfather's days everyone had made it big on their own.This was his moment.His day. And he was not going let anything get in the way.

Just as he was about to go out his grand mother walked in.She usually kept to her self but would always be watchful of young Tobu. Grammy,as Tobu would affectionately call her,the only loving soul in the family who would patiently wait while he left and got back.She was the only one in the busy family who would hear young Tobu out all the time,his rants and raves, his frustrations,his fears and his achievements and more importantly protect him from all harm and danger , beatings and scoldings.Tobu got more attached to his grandmother ever since his mother divorced when he was a little boy.His grand mother had brought up him and took good care of him.

Grammy said " Tobu can you not go out today? I am not feeling too well."
Tobu was taken aback.."Grammy this is my big day !.you know that.don't you ?You know how much it means to me?"
Grammy quietly said"I know dear,but you might have other stories to share in life. ! Maybe this is not your story"
Tobu was getting a bit confused now .What was with Grammy today ,he thought. Maybe she's a bit nervous about my job interview.

"Don't worry Grammy you'll be fine." "I will rush back the moment my interview is over,he quipped as a matter -of-fact.
"I am asking you to not take the interview today,can you reschedule for tomorrow?"
The clock was ticking fast and he had to rush now. "Grammy,Tobu said in a slightly irritated tone, "I have to go..NOW.
He looked into Grammy's eyes one last time,for a moment he thought ,maybe I 'll surprise her today and get her favorite flowers on my way back.

As he closed the door behind him he felt a little bad,at shouting at Grammy."it's only natural that old people get senile,and we have to deal with them sensitively",his thought faded as he dashed to the bus stop.

The Bus was crowded and packed like never before,it was peak hour at it's best.He was hanging in a conclave position on the foot-board at the entrance door.the push from inside was immense, and when the bus hit a pot hole , it jerked vigorously .Tobu was flung out of the door and hit the pavement/kerb as the bus was leaving the area.Some noble souls brought him to the hospital,bleeding and unconscious.His wallet gave his identity.


Tobu opened his eyes ever so slightly,still in a semi-conscious state of mind.The ICU nurse called the resident doctor to check on Tobu. He was trying to mumble something.It was incoherent and slow but he was trying to say something.Tobu's family who were waiting outside,quickly came in seeing the doctor trying to hear what Tobu was murmuring.

The Doctor could barely hear Tobu's broken words, but he seemed to be saying "Thank You Grammy for having his said.."quipped the perplexed doctor.Tobu's father clarified that Tobu was probably remembering his Grand mother,who had just passed away a few months back.He was very close to her.

8.00AM -next day.

The main surgeon on his regular rounds was examining the patients.Tobu was recovering well,and he was looking at the emergency room record.
It read " This man was pushed out of the bus and he hit his head on the kerb" and became unconscious immediately while bleeding profusely."It was an eye-witness account of the person who brought him in.

"Wait a minute ! " the doctor thought. this is odd.Where is the head injury? He has a broken hip,wrist and a gash but nothing to the head.And then he saw the resident doctors comments...the patient tried to say "thank you Grammy having his said..." ! he summoned the resident doctor who was about to leave after his night duty and the doctor and asked him "John what does this mean...?"he nodded with a shrug and said "no idea" !

Tobu turned his head and completed the sentence..."thank you Grammy for saving my head " !

October 18, 2009


No I am not posting about Michael....

It just struck me - to create a series of jots.Something like a random post merely to jot down whats inside the mind..don't think it would make sense to most people..but I do know that many do have these thoughts running amok inside their brains....and No this is not a disclaimer for a non-nonsensical post.

Gyanbyte #1

Sometimes in life when you want something badly but don't get does it feel?
How long does it feel bad ? What is it that you are willing to do to get it ? What are the limits you are willing to stretch the barriers willing to break?

These questions bother me because I see a sense of duality in this.Someone's determination is someones craziness.Someone's focus is someone's one track mind.
what is right and what is wrong? We tend to follow only what we are taught.only what we see in our society ,only around our limited environments.What if someday you realize that all that was taught to you was baseless and you have a whole new perspective to life.

Would you be able to handle it ? would you be able to unlearn and relearn all the basics again.? I am guessing not.What then is the consequence of such an action? What happens when you break the norm? Break the rules? break free? Are you liberated truly? Or are you just trying to rebel and prove a point? Or take a stance which could later turn out to be a wrong one?

What then is the true path?

October 15, 2009

Losing a Larry Bill or Steve...

Losing a Larry,Michael or Steve ?

Questions ?

It might be an interesting statistic to calculate how many jobs are being lost simply because the recruiter or the Hiring manager never really understood the candidates profile correctly?
Or did not “like” the answers given as per his or her understanding.
Ignored the actual business impact of the hiring ?
Put on his “process” cap without trying to find a right fit?
There’s a rising number of people I come across who tell me they got rejected for a job for which they were best suited, and had the necessary experience to back that claim.They were frustrated interacting with the hiring manager or the recruiter and their line of copybook questioning.It’s like asking a seasoned professional “tell me about yourself” ! and expect answers like “I am looking for more challenges blah blah..”. well i’d say are ‘t you having enough challenges to deal with anyways ? why do you want more? You must be sadistic….but that’s me…a regular hiring manager would love to hear standard stuff.The same questions need the same answers and the result a mediocre hire.

Slowly this starts to hit the company in the long run and many have to shut shop citing reasons like economy or competition or funding or anything else but mediocre people.As a result a team culture of mediocrity is created and appended to a mediocre system hierarchy and companies suffer tangible losses on account of wrong hires perpetually.
So then how are so many companies still functioning with so many mediocre people? The 80/20 rule is a big spanner to this.In most organizations 20% of the people will do the work of 80% !Or 20% of the people get the revenue for the rest of the 80% – rest if perform can be treated as a bonus. Most of the rest of that 80% survive on upward management – the ones who does are obviously a burden to mankind and they are fired.It is a well known and accepted fact that In any given team there are only 20% performers on an average – imagine if we could increase this to say 50%? how much more sustainable revenue could accrue due to the fact that there are good team members.?

What are the reasons ?

Personal prejudices -personal experiences and mindsets play a huge role in these matters.Like there was one hiring manager – who was trying to make sure his position is secured and the only way he could do this was by hiring a complete “sucker” who would not get intelligent and overtake him in the long run.So in the bargain he continuously tried to eliminate the candidate by running down everything he said.Needless to say this never got reported..and that manager is still working at the same job with a bunch of mediocre professionals.I would be surprised if most managers claim to have a succession planning procedure in place.It’s me ,me and me, and once I am not there,do I really care?
Targets – Sometimes inexperienced recruiters do not understand the business impact,and are more in a hurry to match key words given to them,and they expect the standard answers to their standard questions. After all they need to fill up their questionnaire template.That is the process and the right way to go isn’t it? Like this friend of mine who works in a Tier 1 MNC, tells me while hiring for an inside sales professional the recruiter kept interviewing credit card call center professionals.Neither could he articulate the value of inside sales to the candidate nor to himself -as he himself believed that it was one of the marginal lesser important roles.All he needed to do was meet his target of interviewees and shortlist.And if no one was selected then he would argue that the managers were being too choosy in this tough market situation. Managers being under eternal pressure select what is dished out to them saying this is the best we can get.Those people get hired,productivity is still mediocre and people are happy as life goes on.There will that joker somewhere who will slog his back off to get to the numbers and then the manager can buy him a drink.
Analytical Ability - or the lack of it. Sometimes people form opinions on certain matters and think that is the absolute truth and are resistant to change.So if some bloke comes along and says I want to be a part of the company because I want to introduce a new business model,assuming he is interviewing for a leadership role – the hiring manager goes -”yea right” ! Worst if it is for a middle management position – then the cross mark on the tip of your resume is inevitable. Isn’t it ironical that people are constantly pounded to function inside the box and then they hire people to think out-of-the-box?Aren’t there enough examples of people contributing irrespective of their grey hairs or no hair as the case may be, in the industry? You see it is not about de-risking always,sometime one needs to take a calculated risk. I am not saying following a process is bad..but I am saying it is ok to give a new idea a chance? Who knows it could be the next big thing?
Self Belief System – There are tons of people who are limiting their potential because of their self-limiting belief system.They do not believe that anyone can make a change.Everyone has to fall in line just the way they did.Else the candidate is a clear reject.For example there was this entry level candidate who said to a recruiter that he wanted to do something strategic.He laughed it off and said the only one that does any strategy around here is God,rest all work. Little did he realise that the role required was for a new market initiative for the SMB space and needed a new business model or approach to kick it off.Opportunity lost.
Ignorance – Tier 1 companies or large companies have their websites well updated with job requirements,no sooner does a job requirement appears they are flooded with a million resumes.Under the circumstances,those resumes which are non-standard either get rejected or pushed back.It is ironical that these Tier 1 companies are so stringent about these details whereas their owners or starters are probably high school dropouts.Imagine those entrepreneurs having to got through the recruitment process. How many Larry’s Steve’s,Bill’s and Dells a re lost due this process? I am not saying that everyone can become like them – but am quite certain a few more could become like them.And even if they get close…industry,markets,opportunities would have a different statistic.
So what next ?

If we continue to carry on these processes we might start impacting the economy more closely than we can imagine.More companies may shut shop, more people rendered jobless,more office politics less productivity,etc etc etc. We need to be very sure of who we hire,evaluate the role fitments more closely, brief the stakeholders and most importantly give more people a chance.Just the way someone gave them a chance.

Disclaimers -

Last but not the least,this post is not meant to disrespect any profession,person or professional community.
I am sure everyone is trying their best to do what they do,however we have to sometimes look into ourselves with some degree of objectivity.
It should not be interpreted that I think everyone else is mediocre.
I am sensitive to the work pressure a hiring manager or recruiter might have.
Not all companies function in the same manner,there are exceptions.
Not all hiring managers operate the same way…I wouldn’t have been hired otherwise !
In spite of these observations, I continue to function in the same system.
In my subsequent posts I will talk about what all we can or should try doing to rectify the system as it is today.

October 10, 2009

The Big O

I see them walk past me everyday,
They look through me anyway
sometimes the occasional glance,
but no one's taking a chance.

I am always the friend
that they can depend,
what happened to the chemistry?
it is such a travesty.

I craved for a loving touch
was I asking too much?
or a love letter perhaps
those thrilling moments and gasps.

time flew by fast
nothing happened to last.
I grew anxious by the day,
no one had anything to say.

Now I go to work,
a jerk is always on the lurk,
sometimes they leer
I can always hear
their jokes are cheap,
sometimes I quietly weep.

there are days when I get touched,
i used to get scared so much
now i have given up,
let them feel me up.

i have to take the ride,
no one caring by my side,
have to reach office on time,
sitting at home doesn't earn me a dime.

The boss doesn't like my presence,
colleagues have fun at my expense.
this has been on for a long while.
I put up a brave smile,

I hide myself in the long work hour.
they actually give me an ardour
my cubicle of security
there I have friends plenty.

the smirking salesman is right
The stitches are very tight,
designers don't design clothes my type,
my types don't create any hype.

I am an object of pun,
the passerby's poke fun.
family members keep up the sarcasm
keep hurting like a spasm

my folks are saving more money,
they quip - who will marry you honey?
what am I worth?
wonder why they gave me birth?

when will you see
the beauty within me?
the day that I die
I will no longer feel shy,
to boldly fly off to another world
No more misery for the obese girl.

Gyanban thoughts - a few lines dedicated to obesity,an obese woman in this case,what's a day in her life look like? who cares ?Our society is trained to laugh and mock when they see someone obese.It is sad that even educated people make a mockery out of someone's misery.This misery leads to so many suicides -some physically and some mentally.

October 8, 2009

Some Stories....are different.

Winners have Strategies
Losers have philosophies,
Success has many wannabe's
Failures have some oddities.

Love has vanities,
Hate has atrocities
Passion has depths
Emotion has faiths

Money has extravagances,
Religion has staunches
Politics has paunches
Beliefs have punches.

worry is sorry
hurt cannot blurt
thought is floating,
action is waiting,
result has glories
but I have some other stories....

September 29, 2009

Just for the KIQ's

It’s all about KIQ’s my friend,

you got to have it till the end.

some have have it,while most don’t,

some want to and some won’t.

sometimes in play,

sometimes in what they say,

sometimes in action,

sometimes in inhibhition

for some it comes so naturally,

for some it is a struggle culturally.

Capitalism has its root in KIQ’s

Socialism is at end of it’s wits.

So where does this leave the common man?

Who does his job the best he can,

He asks so how do I get this instinct?

I haven’t seen it in my precinct,

Can someone help him buy the KIQ’s?

Watchers think he is sick.

He looks near he looks far,

He sleeps with his door ajar,

Hoping to welcome the KIQ,

It still doesn’t do the trick.

He has small dreams and a small little realty,

He has a big heart with a logic faulty,

He is ridiculed and called a passionate,

His belief , proves his naivete,

He thinks his world is just perfect,

How is he ever going to get his KIQ’s?

Killer Instinct Quotient

September 23, 2009

Yuppily Married

It s been a long week,
my boss has finally left for a vacation,
I am tired - yet relieved about the situation,
Just as I am about to leave my cabin,
Mr.Yuppie pops in with a broad grin.

Lets hit the bar and meet the babes mate,
we can go on a double date,
Life is about taking chances,
O please learn to appreciate the subtle nuances,

Life is about fun for singles,
you get to mingle with the jingle,
Late Evenings turn into long nights,
this is the party life.

Why do you waste your time
without any reason or rhyme?
why sulk and stop the flow
it s time you let go...

Yuppie tried this Yuppie tried that,
he could never figure out my habitat,
So perplexed was he,
that he innocently implored me,

don't bury yourself with work all the way,
today just might be your luck day.
Someone is waiting for you to dive,
get off the recording and see it live !

some more lures,
some more endures,
some logical arguments,
some plain pushy predicaments,

My patience was giving in,
I was about to gag him,
but I thought of asking him a simple question,
Upholder of the male bastion.

Why don't you go alone my friend?
there must be someone across the bend,
but he blurted he's reached a dead-end !

suddenly stud gave up his tales,
and lifted the veils.

my eyes popped out,
and my brain gave a shout,
I don't know what this is about,
must be playing it up without a doubt.

I feel alone he lamented,
no one to go home to he commented,
I miss being wanted,
i can not always be presented.

And I thought to myself,
I am not that harried,
'coz I am Happily Married.

September 17, 2009

Bought Nought

The mega sales letter never changed my life,
The magic pill never worked in strife,
The weight loss program never lost weight,
The curse of the forward never lost sight.

The lottery money never got to my account,
The huge bulge never stood out,
The sexy blonde's never came,
No luck with the additional k in my name.

The Virgin Mary never cried,
The promised Lord never arrived,
The CD collection never made sense,
The book affair was simply past tense.!

The stocks never made me millions,
The rider was always lighter than the pillion
The diet plan actually made me a fat pot,
The hot sexy chatter turned out to be a bot,

The eternal flame,
Is now an pseudo-name,

the reality fame was just so lame,
the dream bus never reached my lane,

what a shame.. we're only remembered when in a frame.

Gyanban thoughts - well it is a shame that we let such adverts drive our existence,and further shame that intelligent people actually get caught in the web.Consumerism will dictate where,how and when we die someday !

September 14, 2009

Reel Life

I still belong,I feel,
to run the ultimate race,
to reach the ultimate stage,
to do a lot more,
to have a fire burning at the core,

I still belong, I feel,
to life and it s glory,
to death a success story,
to happiness in return,
to pain in every vein,

I still belong,I feel,
to the limitless skies,
to the bird flying across the skies,
to the wind that blows on my face,
to the river that wipes out any trace

I still belong, I feel
to the people I know,
to the foes I owe,
to the freinds in need,
to the unknown good deed,

I still belong ,I feel
to the challenges that lie ahead,
to the path wrongly led,
to the turnaround we make,
to the leanings we take.

I still belong ,I feel
to go on and complete the whole reel !

The one sided coin

This is a story of a little boy,Vachnoisfed,who lived in this tiny space on a remote mountain range, right on the edge of the world.

He was a shy kid and unlike others hi age, he was rather quiet.He grew up watching people.Their expressions,their mannerisms and habits.How their eyes betrayed words, or sometimes spoke more than their words.
Gradually he became subdued but confident.Confident of the knowledge he had, and more importantly –knowledge of the fact that a lot yet needed to be understood.Subdued because very few people could really understand him,or the other way round.
There was this piercing need to know about the black and white of life.Yes or no.True or False.If there was a right in the world there needed to be a wrong as well, if there was a true,there needed to be a false, if there is a 1 there then there is a corresponding 0.

However, little did he realize that one day his understanding of life would change completely.He would learn of a new dimension of life.
His reputation preceded his presence.The infamous sage Greyzdwal was passing through his village.For some Greyzdwal was just a traveler ,trying to con people and make them believe the impossible , and for some he was Guru – a master who opened their eyes.He went from town to town collecting a piece of life from every family he met. Greyzdwal would then carefully store it in his mysterious metal box.Lock it discreetly and hide the key.

Greyzdwal caught Vachinosfed’s attention one day when he went inside a house nearby and came out with an aura around him.Vachnoisfed was very intrigued.Restless.Was he the supreme being in a new avatar? How could a regular human being look so divine? Was it an illusion? Can someone do that? What did he do inside ,Vachinoisfed pondered.? What was he collecting? Was it valuable? After all he did have a metal box.The reflection of the moon on the smooth edges of the box made it look even more precious .The winter chill had set in and everyone Vachinoisfed looked at seemed mysterious. Everytime Vachnoisfed walked passed the sage quietly seated under a pine tree, his eyes could not stop staring at the box.As time passed he grew increasingly restless. Vachnoisfed was now at the edge.Edge of reason, he was getting sucked in the mystrey of the metal box.
Vachnoisfed decided that he would dare.Take the risk.He just needed to know what was in the box.He couldn’t sleep otherwise.On a full moon night,he decided that this would be the day he would put an end to his misery. Vachnoisfed decided to steal the metal box when the great sage was asleep.
As the moon shadow kissed the hills on a chilly winter night, Vachnoisfed draped himself in a thick black coat and wrapped his face with a muffler.He tread softly on the fresh snow,trying not to breathe.As he neared the Sage He could feel the rush of blood and his heart racing,hands trembling. Vachnoisfed stopped for a second to compose himself and make the final move.
The sliver metal box lay carelessly beside the great sage.He crept behind the tree Greyzdwal was resting on and slowly tip toed his fingers towards the metal box.Suddely his mind blacked out,he felt a sudden pull on his arm and with a jerk thrust him in front of Greyzdwal. Vachnoisfed lay in front of the the sage like a trapped prisoner.
There was silence.It was deafening. Greyzdwal slowly opened his big black magnetic eyes.This was the first time Vachnoisfed saw the man so closely … Greyzwald must have been very old,his arching salt ’n pepper eyebrows were ample testimony.As he opened his eyes to focus on Vachinosfed's trembling face,he knew what Vachinosfed was looking for.Greyzdwal asked in his deep baritone - "why do you seek what you seek?"
Barely able to gather courage Vachinosfed blurted -" I want to know what's inside the box?" "Why does it intrigue you?" "is it because you don't have it? or is it because you are simply curious?"." "Have you identified the root cause for your want?"quipped Greyzdwal.
Not sure of what to say or think..Vachinosfed kept quiet.Seeing this the sage great sage reached out for his metal box and decided to show it s contents to the troubled soul.
The wind picked up speed,the leaves began to rustle,there was a distant lightning in the horizon. The metal box was now on Greyzwald's lap.As he began to open the lid,the strong wind escalated into a storm, a twister perhaps,trees were swaying wildly and the snow intensified.
Vachinosfed's gasped for every breath of air available.He was irresistibly getting transfixed at the small opening in the box.
It seemed like an eternity had passed in a second since the time Vachinosfed lay there stunned.Greyzdwald opened the box and looked at Vachonosfed's startled eyes,something he had seen every single time this happened.

Then it happened.Vachinosfed got pulled inside the box,and then....

September 10, 2009

Unanswered Question

  1. When will we ever see a UFO for real ?
  2. When will we know if Time Travel is possible?
  3. When will we know if Nibiru is for real?
  4. Is God an Alien ?
  5. Is the ultimate achievement in science God ?
  6. How did we evolve?
  7. Will there be a World war 3?
  8. What really happened to JFK?
  9. When will the partioned countries become one again?
  10. Is the theory of Dan Brown really true?
  11. Where is the next earth?
  12. Did Armstrong really land on the moon?
There are so many more such queries, and I ll keep adding as and when I remember more.

August 17, 2009

Just Frust.

Greg got his promotions,
Robin got his phone,
John got his donations,
and Jill got new home.

Sammy got to travel,
Sandy got relocated,
Rene's pierced her navel,
and Kevin got bloated.

Fiona got suddenly pregnant,
Ronci needs to show her figure off,
Murray says he is innocent,
Nika's shows belly buttons and a top off,

Vincent's New found love new found car,
Steve's the new superstar,
John's on with tequila swigs at the bar.
Annie's got a new scar,

Bambi's tattoo got no high,
Harry's sticking to his role,
Bally has found a new wife,
Rey's got a new mole.

Heavy's headed to the corporate,
Sammy's got a new team
Shelly is now desperate,
Danny is still living in a dream.

Lindsey the great nonchalant,
Honey boy is not repentant,
Rio's got a new job,
Hassy 's boss is a snob.

Baby stuck in this mad rush,
Baby thinks what's the fuss?
Baby has no where to go,
Baby has to watch the show...

August 7, 2009

Dream Chronicles 5

Well it's a rainy evening and i have just arrived from somewhere..this airport has a huge glass ceiling, and I can see the rain pouring on the roof and the ac is pretty cold inside.The place is brightly lit and serves as a contrast to the dark outside. I am rushing down the I know I have another long flight in a few hours time.

I check with the staff at eh counter and they suggest staying over rather than going out of the terminal and trying to get back in... I am visualizing the about the journey ahead...and realize it is going to be a long flight.So I decide to stay put in the airport..when I look around it looks like a circular terminal building more like a glass dome with a metal framework.

Next scene I recall is seeing snow on the roads,especially seeing the crystal edges of snow along the dark tar of the road....I am driving by and see some row houses rooftops covered with snow....

Cut to reality...I am not traveling to anywhere recently...and the closest to snow I recall is seeing a TV program on alaska on Discovery channel...besides if did have to travel then at best it could be to a tropical destination.

so then, it baffles me again as to why do I dream such specifics ? and about situations which I neither have in the past nor see any probability of being there in the near future...

August 6, 2009

Just right...

and I am not talking about clothes.
expensive linens or robes,
it's about the right fit you know,
a good fit will always show.

need a right fit for the home,
not a palace ,just a big dome,
Italian marble and granite,
a little to the left and a little to the right,
not too dark nor to bright,
just the perfect light,

need a right fit for the job,
somewhere that gives promotions,
regular commissions,generous appreciations,
but not too easy that everybody gets it,
not too minor that you won't value it,

need a right fit for the spouse,
o we accept everything without a grouse,
just make sure of the following,
we get this without asking,
not too fat ,not too thin,
a sharp nose and a cute chin,
intelligent enough to present to the society,
dumb enough not to resent the propriety,
smart to increase the savings quotient,
within the parameters of being intellectually innocent

need a right fit for the soul,
flexible but still have a goal,
flirt with the devil,sleep with the saint,
get carried-away with self-restraint,
cheat and be cheated,
it all evens out -that's decided.
Revenge and anger fill your heart,
love and passion a work of art,

what if He needed a right fit?
sanitize the devils gift,
repackage it as God's will,
expensive, but no frill,
would you buy it still ?

May 28, 2009


In our everyday lives we come across so many people who are in a position of power and some in a position of dependency.How much of it is a function of design vs chance? Can you really design your destiny?Can you design your luck? Or is there no such thing as design - we are all a part of a plan? And like two sides of a coin some plans are good and some bad.The folks who get the wrong side of the coin can never really over come or rather come over to the other side.Yes we have heard stories about rags to riches.But I think they were a part of the good plan anyway...or may be a delayed good plan. What can we do to make this transition from a bad plan to a good plan? I also think that those in a position of power tend to make sure the difference remains knowingly or unknowingly.You can only appreciate black when you ve seen white...right? The interesting thing is or the one common factor in all this is unhappiness.The folks on the wrong side of the plan,lets call them Helpmees, and the right side one's as Iams.So the helpmees and Iams at some point or the other are unhappy, albeit about diferent things, but they are unhappy - and they acknowldege it. Albeit the Iams put up a better facade of money to show they are "finer" but deep inside they know it.No i am not trying to be vindictive here.Show me one Iams who says he s totally happy.Might find a lot who say we are relatively happy.Whereas in the helpmees,mostly people will say we find happiness within the unhappiness. I sometimes wonder where is this all leading up to ? Where are we all going? We largely lead a very transactional life,if you know what i mean - a very cause and effect.not to say that it is wrong.It s just that sometimes it feels so trifle. Seems so little in the larger scheme of things.The only trouble is - the larger scheme of things nevery really take care of the tactical aspects of life.So there are less followers or believers.Iams would evern go to the extent of saying losers are looking for the bog picture because they cant run the rat race.They cant compete. Well then the trick is not to figure it out.not to figure out how life works.Read it like you are reading the index page of a big need to decipher the chapters in detail.the outcome of such an analysis can only lead to more confusion.Soemtimes it is good to put the blinkers on.Run.


Icebergs are melting, Facebook vacations are cooling. Business reviews are hot. Whatsapp calls are not, Climate is changing, G...