December 14, 2013

That old story

That old  photograph 
In the album of memories
Woke up old chapters and stories.

That unread letter
lost in-between pages,
touched many bookmarks.

That old perfume
Wrapped around her nape
Danced into dormant senses

That old bridge
She ran across last
Of untouched tears.

That old feeling
Of an aching heart
Choked with helplessness
That old window
Of an uninterrupted fall
Dying life and rising love.

Gyanban Thoughts : at times in life you stand and look back, that unbroken heart,that untold story,that frozen moment in time, just feels like it never went away.And yet you have moved so far away...

December 9, 2013


‘There’s a courier for you Madam’ the office boy said.

‘Huh,me?’ said Valentina raising her eyebrows not expecting any mail that day.

The office boy nodded.

‘From who?’ asked Valentina.

‘Marlon Brando’

‘Yea right - wonder who pulled this prank?' Valentia said getting up from her chair.
The office boy stood with the parcel in his hand.It was a large square box.You could almost fit a small office cabinet inside it.Valentina noticed drops of sweat on the office boy’s forehead and his hands were shaking.  

‘Must be heavy,I’ll take it' Valentina said gesturing at the boy to come near her mahogany office desk.

The office boy gingerly walked close to the desk.Unsure of the boy’s uneasiness Valentina asked ‘what's the problem,why are you hesitant?’. 

The boy stopped walking. ‘You can tell me, don’t be afraid’ Valentina continued.The office boy mumbled something as Valentina craned her neck for an answer.

‘Listen boy, if something’s worrying you , blurt it out, don’t keep it inside.' Valentina urged.

‘Maam the courier man told me the recipient of this parcel will die the moment this is opened.’

Valentina laughed out loud 'and which movie is this scene from ?'

‘No maam he was serious,he also said the recipient will laugh just the way you are doing now’

Regaining her composure Valentina said ‘cowards die a hundred deaths, the brave die only once!

The office boy stood blankly looking at her.

'Listen,what if I dont accept delivery?’she said.

‘He’s gone, and he said,If I keep it, then I will die.The previous 6 recipients of this parcel are dead, you are the 7th in line.' he said.

‘So how many more to go?’ she asked bemused.

‘You are the last one’. 

Valentina rolled her eyes over with a smirk  and said ‘I now firmly believe that movies can corrupt people's mind! Well if I’m the last one,then so be it – keep it on the table and you can leave’.

The office boy dropped the parcel on the table and hurried out of the office. 

Curious, Valentina pulled the parcel closer and examined it carefully.It was indeed heavy,quite heavy, she had to get up from her chair to pull it closer.She found the cutter in her desk’s upper drawer.

The moment she dug the blade into the top of the parcel,it seemed sticky, as if there was something soft inside the box, like a cake perhaps. As she pulled the cutter back up, a red streak of liquid oozed out. 

It was blood.

Valentina jagged back into her chair instantly.The oscillating air conditioner vent on the ceiling was stuck right in the direction of her forehead.A constant gush of cold air hit her forehead.She clenched her teeth and controlled her shivering hands.

A few seconds passed by and she noticed the blood trickling down from the top of the box on to the mahogany table and then on to the carpet below.Valentina felt paralyzed, her feet were glued to the floor,her hands felt heavy and her heartbeat was erratic.She couldn’t get up from the chair.

Moments later the trickle became a fountain. Slowly the small cut at the top, widened and it appeared to Valentina that the box was opening itself due to the force of the blood oozing from inside.Her face was splattered red and her clothes stained.Her hands stuck to the arm rest and veins near her wrist were bursting out.There was a surge from inside,as if the blood outside connected with the blood inside Valentina’s body.She couldn’t scream,her voice was choked and she found breathing difficult.Just then she heard a knock on the door.

The accountant Robert, her peer, stood outside the door and called out ‘Valentina, where are you?’ There was no response.

‘Ms.Valentina, where are you, Its 6 oclock I need to close the books,if youre’ going to be late then…’  Robert paused as he glanced on a parcel lying on top of the table, unopened. He walked close to the mahogany desk and looked at the top of the box. 

It was addressed to him. 

Surprised  to see his parcel lying at Valentina’s office he frowned and checked if it was opened before. But there was no sign of any damage, the parcel looked intact. Glancing on the sender he thought ‘now who is this Marlon Brando – I don’t know anyone by that name’. Just then the office boy walked in to the room and Robert turned around as if to ask why he was there.

‘Oh I was actually looking for you Robert – I had a courier for you and accidentally kept it at Valentina maam’s office. This office has just too much mail these days'.

‘Ah yes ,I totally agree,we should add some heads in the operations department,I will make a recommendation to senior management’ said Robert pursing his lips.

The office boy looked up and said ‘you just made my day! I will place the parcel at your desk right away, it’s a bit heavy you know’.

Oh really, that’s nice of you - I’ll open it on my desk’ said Robert walking out of the room.

The office boy lowered his head and whispered into the box ‘yup,two heads better than one!’

Gyanban Thoughts  - A horror genre after a long time. The title Mailfactor is a take from the word Malefactor which means a person who commits a crime. Also a famous short story by Anton Chekov by the same name.The fiction here is for you to visualize and feel the chill from seemingly unassuming objects and people in our daily lives.

October 29, 2013

Double Entendre

‘My god, what are you doing here at this  hour?’ he asked.

‘I’ve come to see your house,besides its raining outside’ she said.

Richa Maurya,35,a successful advertising executive, intelligent and a ravishing beauty, stood at the doorstep of Jatin Iyer’s residence at 1 AM.

You were crazy at 25 and at 35 ,it’s a new high'
‘I’ve heard that one before,just that the 35  bit, is a little jarring’said Richa strutting inside without fear or permission ,and sat on the lazyboy couch.She looked around the living room nonchalantly while Jatin was still at the door.

‘Why don’t you just shut your brain and make love to me, right here, right now’she said.

‘Its time you woke up to reality Richa,have some coffee’ Jatin said absorbing her dramatic statement.

Richa unzipped the jacket to expose her off-shoulder black top over the beige skirt.She shifted her legs ever so swiftly,that the skirt moved up about 5 inches above the knee as if by design.Twirling her hair she looked at him without blinking.

‘What on earth are you doing?’

‘Tell me you love me,crave for me, tell me you want me, tell me you will do anything for me’

‘I think you need to talk to the Doc’ he said.

Richa unhooked her bra and pulled it out of her left sleeve without removing the top.

‘This is insane.’he panicked.

Richa stood up and raised her hands in the air and then crossed it behind her head.

‘Leave Richa’ he pleaded.

‘Nobody leaves Richa, everybody loves Richa…but you’ she said.

‘Richa you need help,I mean I didn’t know you were really crazy’he said.

‘Oh I haven’t even begun,’she said.

Richa slowly got her hands down and began lifting her top.

‘Jats who are you talking to in the middle of the night?’ Vasundhara asked rubbing her eyes while walking from the bedroom.Vasundhara’s yawn interrupted as she lay her eyes on Richa.

‘Richa,what on earth are you doing here?’

It was easy for Richa to quickly change her intense expression into a demure one, her beauty aided it so well.

‘Well, I just decided to get married – and the first person I wanted to give my wedding card was to my old duffer boyfriend, who did the right thing by marrying the right girl at the right time – Vas n Jats please come to my wedding!

‘Aww come here,congrats honey,’Vasundhara gave a tight hug to Richa, as she raised her eyebrows and winked at Jatin.

Gyanban Thoughts : some characters in our lives will perpetually remain a mystery.What they say and what they mean will never really be the same and or understood.This short fiction is dedicated to all those unknowns which are woven into the fabric of life.

October 2, 2013


From here to there
Her to their…
For him to bear
Breathing air so rare

From touch to feel
Wood and steel
The heart of joy
To Touch the sky

The shackles and reigns
Battles and pains
Lie within the casket
On forgotten trains

The roads with forks
Journey of hopes
Dreams on sails
Smiling faces and Soundless wails

The craving and need
Anchor and steed
Of masters whips and chases,
The flowing manes on endless races…

Gyanban Thoughts :  the life we design to perfect sometimes becomes the labyrinth of forgotten dreams, of missed bends and careful bumps. These few lines just drift away into the unknown just like a steed running in the fields...

September 15, 2013

Colors of Grey

‘So what happens in the end ? asked her curious eyes.

‘Well, she dies’ he said after a pause.

‘How could he do that ? I mean, didn’t he love her?’ she asked being a bit puzzled.

‘He did , he loved her and yet killed her’he answered plainly.

‘What was it – religion,another man, money , greed or plain insanity?’

‘You don’t get it do you? Whether it is blue ,green,red,white , what ultimately matters is grey – life is grey – its not as well defined as the other colors,its in-between,neither here nor there, just like life, don’t you see the colors of life are so mundane? They need a bit of both, certainty and uncertainty, the predictable and the unpredictable,just like grey. Oh I just love that color – I even sketched her in grey after about an hour.’

Advocate Nalini Singh sat in the prison cell, trying to find the reason why she was listening to the man who killed her sister.

Gyanban Thoughts : Sometimes there comes a serial killer who has no reason to kill.No childhood trauma or abused life, he is just plain grey - probably a gene defect, its in his DNA to kill. These people find reason and logic in simple things and correlate it to their act of crime.This of course is a fiction story,but there is a disturbing increase in such criminal behaviour. 

The post is written for Blog Adda WOW campaign.Write Over the Weekend

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

September 10, 2013


After yet another boring day at work,Stella trudged into her apartment.
The Spitz barked every time she crossed his path.
‘Hush  puppy’she chuckled ignoring him.
Walking into the living room,she reclined on the rocking chair. 

Just then,widower Mr.Venkatraju, walked out of the bedroom with a newspaper & sat on the rocking chair.

Irritated, Stella flew out of the window.

Gyanban Thoughts : a 55 fiction after a long time.This time the theme is spooks.Thought of writing a longer version initially,but settled with micro fiction format. Ghosts hang around the places they love.In this case,perhaps it was Stella's house before she died.The Spitz remembered her and needless to say Mr.Venkatraju was completely oblivious to what was going around him! The title Anamnesis means recollection or remembrance of the past. Hope you guys liked it!

August 20, 2013

Extra Cheese & Diet Coke

If you are confident
then you are arrogant,
If you are a realist,
then you are a cynic
If you are balanced
then you are mediocre.

If you are vocal
then you are a rebel
If you are quiet,
then you are scheming
If you are out of the box
then you do not follow

If you are convinced
then you are arguing
If you adjust
then you are spineless
If you are dying
then you never lived well

If you are taking the lead,
then you are not collaborative
If you are relaxing,
then you are killing time.
If you are being just you
then you are self centered.

If you are rich
you had bad company
If you die poor
the didn't plan well

If you are beautiful
then its cosmetics
If you are ugly
then its the genes.

If you are plump
then you eat junk
If you are skinny
then you are fussy.

If you simplify.
then you cannot handle complexity
If you go into detail
then you are nit-picking.
Life is an endless loop
You have no exit strategy….


Gyanban Thoughts : Sometimes in life, you are puzzled at the glaring opposites - everything you say or do can be perceived the other way. Any stance you take can have the opposite reaction. Little did Issac Newton know, that his proposed law of equal and opposite reaction will not only hold true in Physics but also in life! Like when people go to  a Subway or McDonalds they ask for extra cheese & a diet coke!

August 16, 2013

The Fan Magazine

He ran his fingers through her hair,felt her lips and caressed her nape. His eyes remained focused for the rest of the flight.

It was 6 years since he had fallen in love with her.Everyday,every minute,every second of his existence belonged to her.

Finally that day had come,when he was going to meet her.See her,in person.It was surreal.

He had goose bumps the minute his flight landed in Mumbai International airport.

After clearing customs, he walked to the taxi stand and asked 'Can you take me her residence?'
The cabbie laughed looking at the picture in the magazine and gestured him to hop in.

'You do look familiar - have I seen you somewhere?' the cabbie asked.

'No, not really, I don't frequent Mumbai much' he retorted.

Forty-five minutes down the road,the cab stopped ' this is where you need to get down sir' the cabbie said looking into his rear view mirror.

'But this is not her house' he said.

'I know - but this is where the search begins' the cabbie smirked.

'No no,you don't understand,I don't need to search her - I know where she stays - so please take me there.'he said.

'And why would she meet you?' the cabbie asked.

'What do you mean why- I've known her even before she came here'


'So , so that means she will meet me' he said emphatically.

'I mean when did you last meet her?'the cabbie asked.

'Oh - just last Tuesday, we met in a restaurant in New York, had  dinner together.'

'New york eh?'

He nodded.

After a brief pause the cabbie said 'you do know that you are crazy right?'

'Excuse me?'he said narrowing his eyebrows.

'Sulekha Khan is dead since 2001' the cabbie said.

'B-but how can that be, I just …' he trailed off.

'She died on that flight on September 11 - it was in the news - Film-star  Sulekha Khan 's tragic death' the cabbie said.

'Oh but this is impossible - oh what am I going to do now?' he said.

'Well, if you want I can drop you back to the airport' the cabbie offered.

'Err no I will get down here - if this is where I need to begin searching then so be it'

'Hello Mr. this is a cemetery - there is her grave here - that's it' the cabbie said.

'Exactly this is where I need to begin'  he said looking into the rear view mirror.

'You really are crazy - anyway, just pay me fare and do whatever you like.' the cabbie said turning around.

The man had gone.

There was no passenger in the cab…just an old magazine with Sulekha Khan on the cover.

Gyanban Thoughts : If stars go to the stars then why should the poor fan be left behind?

August 6, 2013

Bus Stop

Waiting at the bus stop
I watch the wheels roll by,
Raindrops fall drop by drop,
Memories just walk by.

New tickets and old passengers
New colors on the same bench,
New clothes in the same soul
New roads with the same soles.

People walk,talk and pass by
two lips met in the years gone by,
Many coats later,I forget why,
Its just the lonely bus stop and I.

Gyanban Thoughts : Thoughts and memories pass by,some things change others standby, and some friends just fade away...On this friendship day remember the friends that used to be...

July 28, 2013

Ding Dung Bell

In a recent survey report, the finding suggests 1 in 10 passports are rejected while scanning at various entry points in Indian airports.

Returning NRI S Khan,a 45 year old adult male, was first greeted by the airport customs officer doubting his Passport credentials.

He tried to explain it was a reissue and not a fake new one,however the officer was not satisfied with his explanation.The state of insecurity,or over security in the system has reached epidemic proportions.

The scanner detected a gift wrapped box.Next his backpack  was torn open to search for some suspected device. The officer asked him to scan his finger one more time.This was harassment. On asking the reason was this extra security check the officer,pressed a button and spoke through the loudspeaker  with utter contempt.

The officer opined ‘Your gift has a strange smell’ An altercation ensued. Mr.Khan refused to open the gift wrap suggesting it was for someone special.

The Officer was furious and asked for an explanation.

Mr.Khan objected to this and said ‘its just a sweet and salt sandwhich’.

Not satisfied with the answer,he was further questioned on the metal cylinder he carried in the backpack.

‘It was just a telescope’Mr.Khan remarked getting increasingly frustrated.

The officer probed further and checked the sipper bottle suspiciously ‘Drink it’ he said.

Mr.Khan,a well known face on the popular National Historic channel felt humiliated at this treatment by a fellow countryman. The unsatisfied officer got out of his seat and checked Mr.Khan gift-wrapped package. He took out a Swiss knife and cut it open,only to find a pile of dung packed inside.

The officer fainted. Last known information of the officer was reported normal,from Nanavati hospital trauma center. After all sometimes in life, you  get to be the pigeon,and sometimes the statue. Ding Dung Bell !

Gyanban Thoughts : a satirical post, the words in bold letters were given in advance , and we were asked to construct a story using these words.The second instruction was to write it as a newspaper clipping.

July 22, 2013

Tipping Point

She stood at the edge of the cliff knowing exactly what lay ahead.  One more step and there would be no turning back. She had a life to end and memories to forget. The pain was deep rooted,the feelings numb and the reason to live, had no more logic to support.
It was at that moment ,her will to survive flew through her veins.It was at that moment she took control of her moving foot and stopped.It was at that moment she decided to return.It was that moment she decided to give it back.
After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Gyanban Thoughts : A micro fiction highlighting drama as an underlying theme.

July 16, 2013

The Final Shot.

‘What kind of a name is that, Vidyutparna Godbole?’asked the producer frowning.
‘Its just a name’she said.
‘Change it – else no one is going to give you a lead role with that name.Audience likes to hear names like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone ,Priyanka Chopra ,Kareena Kapoor.’
‘They too,are just names’she said.

‘Well lady, you don’t have a job,you don’t look too hot,you won’t sleep for the role,and you are not ready to expose. So essentially you are here to waste my time.’

‘No sir there is talent,I can act’ she said lowering her head.

The producer looked and smiled ‘the door is on your left,and talent is pouring outside your highness’.

Vidyutparna knew walking out of that door would mean many more doors would close on her face.The producer was a well known man and had many hits under his belt.

‘I will do anything to get this role,and if that means I ve got to kill you so be it’she shot back at the producer.

For a moment it was believable.

‘Nice try,it doesn’t shock me. These stunts have been attempted by hundreds of women before’he chuckled.

She stood in front of his desk looking right into his eyes.
‘Like I said, the door is waiting for you’he gestured.
She pulled out a gun and shot him in the middle of his face. 
Just one shot, perfect.

She said looking around ‘Cut it. That was the final shot – pack up for today everyone.’

Gyanban Thoughts : A short story which leaves you thinking about the multiple options,possibilities the story could ve evolved and I'm thinking about it too...

July 5, 2013

Return Gift

Brian Paul called and said‘Happy birthday bro’
‘Who’s this?’ asked a startled Aaron Barnes.

It was six years since the two school friends had last spoken. But their acquaintance withstood the test of time.They had been to school together for many years, but then came that fateful day when both of them failed to get pass the higher secondary exams.
Fate took them to different parts of the world and more importantly in to different paths.

Life changed their fates from that point on.Aaron went on to become a top executive in a large multi national company and Brian struggled to make two ends meet in a shipping yard doing MIS reports.

Corporate life made Aaron a sharp thinker,a shrewd calculator and a strong personality.Hard life and struggle made Brian a carefree, ego less, hassle free guy.Over time their vocabularies had changed accordingly.While time saved mattered to one,time spent mattered to the other.

In spite of their different paths, fates, and demeanor's they managed to keep the connection over the years. Brian would call mostly and Aaron would usually be busy and would return the call at a later time.Brian never minded that and Aaron liked that he could be free with his childhood buddy.There was no pressure to be politically correct with him.

However,in the last few  years there was no call from Brian and Aaron had never noticed it either until today, when Brian called to wish him for his birthday.

‘Thanks buddy long time no see no hear,how goes?’asked Aaron Barnes.

‘Goes well mate,no job,no salary and a family of 5 to run,can’t complain’he chuckled.

‘Oh sorry to hear that’ said Aaron.
His corporate mind took over, anticipating Brian’s next move.He decided to preempt it and address the elephant in the room.

‘Oh so you must be in need of money’ he said.

‘Oh totally – I do’ said Brian.

Aaron silently felt good about his analytical abilities but decided not to show it.

‘Send me your bank account’

‘Ah –that won’t be necessary buddy’ said Brian.

‘What? I mean , I don’t understand’ said Aaron.

Aaron raised his eyebrows in surprise and couldn’t muster up a further response.
Brian continued ‘I mean yes I do need to earn more money, but I am ok, working on some projects,some stock market play and it should work out soon  so I should be good, besides my wife runs a small boutique in the neighborhood, so she chips in for the daughters school fees, so we re still floating.’

‘Send me your bank account’ Aaron stressed.

‘Aaron – chill. If I take money from you, it will become excess and then I will get used to it and who knows I won’t be able to repay you back – so won’t take it from you, at least not just as yet.You see,If you give me fish to eat I will get used to it ,I need to learn to fish’ Brian concluded.

‘Ok as you wish – I respect your views – call me if you need anything’ said Aaron.

Brian smiled and said‘Sure I will – but today I just called to wish you a happy birthday’.

‘Thanks buddy – appreciate it’said Aaron and they hung up.

Aaron immediately called Vanessa,Brian’s wife and managed to get hold of the bank account number and IFSC code for a bank transfer. He transferred money into Brian’s account right after that.Aaron felt good after a long time. It was something he had done for a friend without any expectations.

When Brian got to see his bank account a few days later,he realised what Aaron had done.He decided to call him back and return the money.

‘Hello can I speak to Aaron Barnes please?’

‘I’m sorry who is this?’asked the receptionist.

‘Ah I’m his friend Brian Paul’

‘O Mr. Paul I am afraid Mr.Aaron Barnes is no longer with the company’.

‘What? But I spoke with him last week?’

‘The call must’ve gone to his personal mobile sir – we usually allow a small grace period for the mobile service to remain open till all his accounts and contacts are aware and or his papers are closed as the case may be’ she said.

‘Oh this is terrible – how long back did he move out?’

‘Sir,Its been about two months,it was rather unfortunate that his department shut down and he had to move on’ she whispered.

Brian could barely speak‘Oh’ he said lowering his voice.

‘Would you like to pass on a message in case he calls? asked the receptionist.

‘Y-yes just let him know I wanted to return the return gift he gave me on his birthday’.

Gyanban Thoughts : Often friendships develop over time, through unspoken words,uncommon circumstances,and different paths.Sometimes we get too caught up with what we know about people,until someone comes along and makes us revisit our belief system.This short story is dedicated to all best friends out there.

June 30, 2013


Stepping on puddles of water
Splashing the walls with color
Swirling in the rains
And then hiding for cover.

Sitting on the terrace open,
Soaking in the cool breeze
Watching life stop on a traffic light,
And the move again,with a new fight.

Peeping through those expensive window panes,
Searching for the untouched dreams,
Resolving to cross over one day
The curtains unfold to separate reality.

And then the eyes meet the eyes unmet.
Words fade away and the feet stand still.
The interrupting breeze moves her hair
As the cruel clock rings a bell across the hill.

Many moons waned,that moment never came,
Many clouds covered the will,
Many resolute storms changed the way,
But some rocks just stood still…

Gyanban Thoughts ~ Some moments never come back,some people never change,some feelings always remain the life has so many changes to offer,yet some remain the same...always.

June 13, 2013

Opposites Attract

It was the same table they met and fell in love.

Susan and Jim sat quietly on that table. Two wine glasses one full,the other, half filled. Jim tried to renew his romance after 26 years of marriage realising how much he’d ignored her.

It was in the opposite table, Susan had her heart stolen.

Gyanban Thoughts: In pursuit of passion sometimes we forget what we have all the while,only to realise when it is too late.

June 9, 2013


She stood in a corner,
watching the milestones go by,
her forehead frowned
as her reality drowned.

Deep inside it hurt no more
The cut was rare and blood oozing
She didn't know him or love him,
But her life changed on a solitary whim.

When the eventuality happened,
reality looked grim
she picked herself and walked
with her strength within.

Its about moving,not dying.
Its about living,and facing.
Its about fighting and wining,
Its about running,unstopping.

Gyanban Thoughts - A few lines dedicated to all victims of abuse,violence,atrocities. Don't lose hope, keep fighting and keep your chin up,there are good things in this world still and perhaps that's why its not stopped spinning.We don't have the answers now,but you have our prayers,and wishes, truly.

May 24, 2013

Mystics Dream

Lost in trance she dances
flying in the violet sky
the flamingos watch
the dreams in her eyes...

Lost in time she flows
flowing with the falls,
the snowy banks look on
listen to the droplets fall...

Lost in space she smiles
drifting with the stars
the universe grows
yet so much to love
and so little space to hold...

Gyanban Thoughts - Someday,there might be a tune to this poem,I wrote this listening to the Mystic's dream.

May 17, 2013

Walk Back

Take me back
To those forgotten lanes
Of lazy Sundays and mundanes
When business was just a word
We seldom heard

Take me back
To those roads with no ends
Boundless laughter and endless friends
Of games that never end.

Take me back 
To those highways
Wind on my face and  getaways
Those trains and torrential rains.

Take me back
To those uncased moments,
From that fluttering heart 
to that unbroken dream...

Take me back
To that first look
That magical feeling
Reading a little storybook.

Take me back
To that tender hand
The clenched fist
and that draining sand.

Take me back
To never come back
To stay and remain
In the corner house
down the memory lane...

Gyanban Thoughts - Just a few lines dedicated to the memories strewn through the journey of life.All of us at some point sit back and reflect on time that has passed and the time yet to come.


Icebergs are melting, Facebook vacations are cooling. Business reviews are hot. Whatsapp calls are not, Climate is changing, G...